Bitcoin Market Trends In 2017

The trend of the market is changing with a rapid rate and new methods of investment money are taking place of traditional methods. The new trend of lending platforms has grown to be a 2 billion dollar market. We are seeing exponential growth with big platforms such as MEVU ICO exploding to the top.


There is no doubt that computer and internet technology is the most crucial requirement to deal with this type of money. The best part is that encoding of cryptocurrency is done in a very powerful method and thus it is very safe methods to store the money.

The encryption of the information is done by powerful programming and it is nearly impossible to break the code easily. Now you must be wondering that why more and more people are getting attracted towards the latest cryptocurrency. This is so because there are immense benefits of making an investment in cryptocurrency.

Two way benefits of cryptocurrency

  • You must have heard about the people who prefer to put their investment in commodities. There is hardly any difference in the investment in commodities and cryptocurrency.
  • You can use also use it as the asset that you have as well as an investment that you have made. Mean there are dual benefits of keeping your money in this way. Your money will not be non-productive. Certainly, you are going to get the good returns on the money invested.
  • The concept of the cryptocurrency launched when the bitcoin came into existence. With the higher success of bitcoin now people have changed their orthodox thinking.
  • Earlier the precious metal and dollars were the most trusted way to put the investment. But now bitcoin is the first choice of people who are well aware of the present technology and know how to handle it gain good returns without taking much risk.

Cryptocurrency wallets

  • The best part is that there are many big corporate houses which are also included in this context. Now there are digital wallets available in the market in which you can put your money safely.
  • The best part is that the chances of getting hacked are very less in this case. The entire coding is safe and highly encrypted.
  • It is not possible to break the code and hack the cryptocurrency from the digital wallet which is specially designed for it.

Less expensive transactions

  • In the traditional methods, the investor will have to pay the brokerage and other charges to start. But here the situation is very comfortable.
  • You can also gain the bitcoin directly through various online websites and there are not cut for this.
  • In simple words, you don’t have to pay additional charges like commission and brokerage to make the investment.
  • In case you are willing to buy the bitcoin cryptocurrency, you can use the omnipresent options like, bitFinex etc.

Great opportunities

Just a few years ago bitcoin was the only cryptocurrency which was available on the market.

With the launching of Ethereum currency, the monopoly of bitcoin no longer exists. There is no doubt that still the bitcoin is on the top and Ethereum as a lot of distance to cover.

But there is no doubt that usage of this currency is also increasing in many folds and in future people who have invested in this, can get very high returns.

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